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Futureproof money - Whatever happens, your money is linked to residential real estate in the world’s most stable countries.
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Next generation

Bustad is the next generation of stablecoins, backed by co-owned homes in Scandinavia, the world’s most stable countries. No matter what happens with fiat or crypto, the assets will remain, securing a sound long-term investment.  

Bustad strongly believes in democracy but is, by design, not entirely decentralized. We believe a truly successful solution is achieved by working with all stakeholders, including governments and financial institutions.  

World's most popular types of properties

Scandinavian real estate is one of the world's most popular types of properties. Scandinavian countries consistently rank high in terms of stable political, legal, and economic systems. By co-owning a maximum of 20% of existing residential properties, the homeowner is heavily incentivized to maintain the property, further securing your value.
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Bustad provides much needed stability in an increasingly unstable world. It’s easy to access, fully transparent and auditable both on the blockchain and in the country’s public ledgers.


How do I get Bustad Coin?
The issuance of Bustad Coin happens through a minting process in which everyone can participate. To mint, you must have a non-custodial Ethereum wallet with Ether, USDC, or DAI tokens. Visit to mint Bustad Coins.

Bustad Coin is also listed on Uniswap, where you can swap BUSC with any other coin available on the exchange. Search for BUSC when you are on Uniswap using the contract address: 0xeE31e8597D972Cfd136042719BDbC8b24020f0D0.
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What’s the price of Bustad Coin?
The starting rate of Bustad Coin is 1 USD. The rate will remain constant until Bustad acquires properties. Eventually, the price will depend on the valuation of the underlying assets owned by Bustad.
Do you issue a governance token?
Yes. Early participants will receive governance tokens, Eigar (EIG). These are used to vote in different decision-making processes regarding the protocol. Read more about how the governance tokens, and their issuance, in the Whitepaper

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