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Futureproof money - Whatever happens, your money is linked to residential real estate in the world’s most stable countries.

Helping homeowners tap into liquidity while creating a token backed by tangible real-world asset.

With Bustad, homeowners can reduce their debt and monthly payments, giving them more financial freedom - especially important now that inflation is on the rise and interest rates are higher.

Minters and buyers of the Bustad coin gain a property-backed, fully auditable, and low-volatility token priced by the value of the unleveraged real estate portfolio. Housing property has proven to be a good hedge against inflation because housing prices have continuously outperformed consumers’ purchasing power.

Why Bustad coin?

Don't trust, Verify

We publish every purchased real estate property to the blockchain, which allows you to verify the underlying asset backing the token value. This information is also available on the official land registry of Norway, which is open and accessible to everyone.

Conservative base asset with low volatility

Thanks to its underlying assets, the Bustad coin experiences little to no volatility, making it a secure and stable store of value. With Bustad coin, you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about major price fluctuations.

Hedged agains inflation

Real estate has proven to be a reliable hedge against inflation, as property prices have consistently outperformed consumers' purchasing power.

Participate in the governance of Bustad

Eigar (EIG) is the governance token of Bustad. Holding EIG allows you to participate in governance processes and decisions. The more EIG you hold, the greater your influence. You can acquire EIG by participating in the minting of BUSC.

Maximize your benefits with our EIG rewards program

We have created a reward program to incentivize liquidity providers on Uniswap. Any address that holds the Uniswap v3 LP NFT is eligible to participate in the program. For more information on the reward program, please visit:

World's most popular types of properties

Scandinavian real estate  is one of the world's most popular types of properties. Scandinavian countries consistently rank high in terms of stable political, legal, and economic systems. By co-owning a maximum of 20% of existing residential properties, the homeowner is heavily incentivized to maintain the property, further securing your value.

Are you a homeowner?

With Bustad you can sell up to 20% of your property to reduce debt and housing costs. You can buy back when it suits you.

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Bustad provides much needed stability in an increasingly unstable world. It’s easy to access, fully transparent and auditable both on the blockchain and in the country’s public ledgers.

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