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Get a more spacious economy

With Bustad you can sell up to 20% of your property to reduce debt and housing costs. You can buy back when it suits you.

You are the boss

You have full control. Shared housing is becoming increasingly common. The unique thing about Bustad is that you pay no rent, and you can buy back whenever you want.


You retain ownership and mortgage rights


You pay no rent


You can buy back shares from Bustad at any time

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Frequently asked questions

How is the value of the property determined?
Bustad uses the same tools as real estate agents to estimate the value. If it is difficult to estimate the correct price, Bustad can ask you to provide e-valuation (e-takst) and possibly a condition report.
Do I have to pay rent?
No, you do not pay rent to Bustad, but you are responsible for all ongoing costs and maintenance of the property.
How does this affect the bank?
The bank still has 100% mortgage rights on the house and gets a safer mortgage customer. You have a lower debt-to-value ratio on the property and better economy as a result of lower loan costs.
Does Bustad only pay down debt?
Yes, Bustad only pays down debt you have with the bank. This can be secured debt such as mortgages and car loans, or unsecured loans such as personal loans and credit cards.
What does it cost to buy back shares from Bustad?
The price of the buyback is what Bustad paid for the share, adjusted for any appreciation in the real estate market. Bustad uses a reputable price index to estimate price growth on properties in your region.
What costs are associated with using Bustad?
Bustad calculates a discount on your property value. This is to cover the document fee, other costs, and a buffer for Bustad Coin. This is included in the property price, i.e. you pay nothing in cash. All costs are clearly stated in the offer.
What if I renovate?
You are free to renovate/upgrade the property at your own expense. The buyback price from Bustad will not be affected by this.
Does Bustad cover ongoing costs on the property?
No, you are responsible for ongoing costs, maintenance, and insurance.
Can I sell my property?
"Yes, you can sell your property at any time. You have two options:

1) You can first buy back your share from Bustad, then sell 100% of the property yourself.

2) You can sell your share on the open market, and the new owner must enter into the agreement with Bustad.